Warranty Terms & Conditions

Sunglasses & Optical Frames

1. Regular Warranty

1.1. One “1” Year = 365 Days Only From The Date Of Purchase For Any Manufacturer Defect On All The Optical Frames & Sunglasses Only.

1.2. Scratches, Breakages ,Alterations ,Modifications ,Changes & Edits Are Considered As “Misuses” Accordingly They Aren’t Covered By The Above Warranty Under Any Circumstances.

Sunglasses & Frames Break. These Things Happen Don’t Panic !

2. Extended Coverage

2.1. If You Break Or Damage Your Frame Within 1 Year, We Will Offer 35% discount on The Price You Paid Towards An “Identical” Pair For All The Brands.

2.2. If You “Unintentionally” Break Or Damage Your Purchased Frames Within 1 Year Golden Eyes Boutique “Extended Coverage” Will Apply For The Below Brands’ List And It Is Applicable For One Time Replacement ONLY & Towards An “Identical” pair.
• Jos.
• Eschenbach
• BRENDEL Eyewear
• HUMPHREY’S Eyewear
• Fineline
• TITANFLEX Selection

3. Terms & Conditions
3.1. Extended coverage is applicable for one time replacement by invoice, But Still Your Replaced Frame is covered for the Rest of the period of the 1 Year for any manufacturer defect ONLY.
3.2. The extended coverage is valid on the regular priced items.
3.3. The discount (2.1) cannot be used on discounted items.
3.4. Discounted items covered by the regular warranty only.(1.1)
3.5. We don’t offer spare parts or repair unless your item is defected.
3.6. If an identical pair is unavailable, the item can be exchanged with substitute same price or higher.
3.7. Extended coverage doesn’t cover scratches on lenses, defects caused by accident, neglect, abuse, wrong storage of the product, unauthorized modifications, or repairs.

4. Contact Lenses
4.1 Contact Lenses Are Covered For Any Manufacturer Defect.
4.2 Monthly Contact Lenses Warranty 7 Days From The Date Of Purchase.
4.3 Daily Contact Lenses Warranty 3 Days From The Date Of Purchase.
4.4 Mishandling Considered As Misuse Therefore Not Covered By The Warranty.

5. Contact Lenses Solution:
No Warranty

6. Accessories:
No Warranty


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